Remote Control Android Mobile From PC Via Wifi/usb/3G/LTE


Some Time Its Your Need To Control Android Device From Your PC There Are Lots Of collection For Pc To Android Control Software On Internet But There Are Few And Best App That Can Control Your Android Phone From Your PC Over Wifi USB Or 3G/LTE So Ready For The Best App For This Task

1. TeamViewer QuickSupport (Android)

It Was Not My favorite Remote Control App But Why It Is Number One For Me Is Because This App Has Almost Nil Bugs It Works Over Active Internet Connection Only It doesn’t Suppor connection over LAN or wifi but hey it is the best app it gives you seamless connection without any break like other app hangs up and doesn’t respond.

To connect with TeamViewer Quick Support App For Remote Control Purpose You Need Full Root Access For Your Device

You Need Team Viewer PC Software To Connect With Your Phone Yup It is Same As You Connect With Your Other TV Friend Over Internet In This Condition You Need Client App On Your Android Device Which Is Quick Support Download It From Play Store

2. Mobizen

Mobizen Is Ultimate Package For Remote Control From Pc To Android IT Is Fast It is Amazing It Is Seamless Great Thing About Mobizen Is It Support connectivity Over Wifi/USB/3G/LTE

It Works Super Fast With USB( Need ADB Drivers With USB Debugging Enabled)/Wifi ( Hotspot Or Access Point ) 3G Experience Can Be Different With connection Speed

There Are Some Bugs In This App That’s Why It Is Number 2 but it is better than team viewer quick support but due to bug it down in the table

currently, we considered these two apps are the best apps for remote control your android from pc please let us know your review by posting your comment below which one is your favorite Comment Below


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