Install Xposed Framework On lenovo A6000 plus Lolipop 5.0.2



    Hello friends many of you still might be using kitkat may be because either you don’t know how to install xposed framework or xposed  framework not working on your device. many users asking about how to perfectly install xposed framework on lenovo a6000 plus and many also confused with Api level and processor kernel architecture bla bla. But cheers guys today I m gonna show you how to install xposed frame work on your lenovo a6000 plus running lolipop version 5.02. if your android version isn’t lolipop  5.0.2 than please update your android version bcz I have tested it on lolipop version 5.0.2 (Indian Version) Only. So lets start the process now.

    Warning- Rooting or Flashing Custom Recovery May Lead To Void Warranty Please Use It At Your Own Risk We Are Not Responsible For The Damage.

    Install xposed Framework on Lenovo A6000 Plus Running Lolipop 100% Working

    Before installing make sure your device is rooted and you have working custom recovery installed I will recommend TWRP. We need to flash xposed Installer via custom recovery that is why we need twrp here

    Steps To Install Xposed FrameWork

    1. First of download Xposed install Alpha Apk From Here

    2. Now you need official sdk zip files to flash it via custom recovery get it from this link

    3. After downloading zip files place it on to root folder of external sd card or else any where within sd card

    4. Boot your Lenovo a6000 plus mobile into recovery mode by Pressing Volume Up + Power Button

    5. On Twrp interface Click On Install button and select the file from sd card and swipe to install it

    6. After successful flash reboot your phone to normal mode it will take some time to optimize some apps. then open your xposed aplha app and now you can clearly see that xposed framework is running smoothly on your lenovo a6000 plus lolipop version check the screenshot below


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