How To Root Any Micromax Android Mobile Without PC



    Hello Folks Rooting Your Mobile Gives You More Power To Optimize Your Phone With Different Apps For Instance You Can Optimize Your Battery For Extreme Performance You Can Uninstall Default Apps, You Can Say Root Is The Key To Unlock Your Phone For More Customization And Enhancement.

    There Are Very Less Methods For Rooting Micromax Mobiles

    But Now We Have Found Great Working Methods To Root Any Micromax Android Device Easily

    Please Remember This Method Is For Educational Purpose Only Rooting Your Phone Will May Avoid Your Warranty

    Mobile Methods Root Any Micromax Mobile Without PC

    Method 1:- Using Framaroot (Mostly Works On Below Android 4.4 Kitkat versions)[Without PC]

    Step-1 Download And install the framaroot apk file into your android mobile

    Step-2. After Installing app open the app and onscreen click on Install SupersU And Click On Boromir And your are done !!!


    Method 2- Using Z4ROOT (Without PC)

    z4root is very handy one click root app for all spectrum chipset installed mobile. this app have two method for rooting first is temporary rooting method app will temporary root your phone and on next restart your phone will be again unrooted. 2nd method is permanent rooting method this method require reboot at starting so download this app for one click root Download Z4ROOT APK FILE

    Method 3- Using Vroot (Without PC+ With PC)

    Another one click rooting android app just download and install app on your mobile and you are done your mobile will auto switch off and reboot after reboot you will get your rooted phone. vroot can be use with pc also but with pc make sure you have latest adb drivers installed on your windows computer. Download Vroot Apk File From Here

    Method 4- Using Kingo Root Mobile Version (Without PC)

    It Is Perfect app for rooting most mtk chipset mobiles works for other chipset too. kingo app can root your phone with pc or without pc just download there app and click on one click root and thats it you are done you have your rooted phone which is much powerful now. Download Kingo Mobile Apk From Here

    Now PC Method For Rooting Your Mobile Ultimate Method Begins 99% Sucess Rate With PC Methods

    Using Kingo Root

    This Method Is a ultimate method  to root almost any phone including most spreadtrum chipset. this method requires PC/Laptop to operate i m 100% sure this method will surely root your phone.

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    Step 1- Before Rooting You Need To Enable Usb Debugging From Developers Option In Android go to

    Settings > About Phone > Build number > Tap it 7 times to become developer (If Developer Option Not Available)Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging


    Step 2- Before Connecting You Need ADB Drivers For Your phone install Pdanet. Or Download Adb Driver Installer. Now Connect Your Mobile Phone with pc using USB Cable

    Now You Need This Awesome Rooting Software Called Kingoroot.

    Download It Directly From Official Website From Here Kingo Root Any Android

    Just Install It And Connect Your Phone Via Usb Than This Window Will Popup’

    Root Any Intex Android Mobile

    Press Ok And Process And That’s it 1 Click And Your Mobile Is Rooted This Method Works Almost For Any Mobile Devices Even For New Devices As Kingo Root Update Its Database For New Devices Frequently

    You Can Root Following Micromax Model Using This Method. (Comment below if all above method doesn’t work for you i will give you other method if you have mtk chipset)

    micromax unite 2,micromax a120,micromax unite 2 lollipop,micromax a110,micromax a116,micromax canvas a1,micromax canvas spark,micromax a104,micromax a102,micromax a177,micromax a106,micromax a110q,micromax a35,micromax a311,micromax a 87,micromax a 57,micromax a 35,micromax a 25,micromax a52,micromax a 27,micromax a 75,micromax a 110,micromax a 89,micromax a50,micromax bolt,micromax bolt a069,micromax bolt a065,micromax bolt a27,micromax bolt a58,micromax bolt a47,micromax bolt d320,micromax bolt a24,micromax bolt q324,micromax bolt a082,micromax canvas,micromax canvas hd,micromax canvas xpress 2,micromax canvas nitro a311,micromax canvas 4,micromax canvas juice 2,micromax canvas spark q380,micromax canvas 2 plus,micromax doodle 3,micromax d321,micromax d320,micromax doodle 2,micromax d303,micromax doodle 3 kitkat,micromax doodle 4,micromax d200,micromax doodle 3 a102,micromax doodle a111,micromax e313,micromax e311,micromax e471,micromax e455,micromax eg111,micromax elanza 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    1. using kingo root app I cant root my micromax a 65. It is failing to root it. even I have confirmed it with mailing to kingo root developers.

      please provide easy and updated method to root micromax A65 bolt.

    2. I have micromax Canvas doodle A102 but i am unable to root using above method all method fail for this phone so please help me in rooting this phone.


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