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Hello, friends, do you know there are lots of wifi cracking or hacking apps available on google play store which really crack your nearby password but how ?? Actually, they are able to hack or crack the password because nearby wifi routers have either wps enabled with default pin or there is a simple wifi password which can be guessed easily.

So in this article, we are going to mention top android wifi cracking apps for your android mobile which can easily hack your neighbor’s wifi password if they have wps enabled on their routers. these apps mostly work on D-link Routers. For others routers like TP-LINK only 1% Success Rate. So D-Link routers are more vulnerable with these apps. if you owned the D-link router no need to worry just disable the WPS feature or Change the default pin Which is usually 12345670 on some d-link routers and makes your wifi more secure.

Warning:- Before starting let me warn you that hacking or cracking wifi password is illegal this article is for educational purpose only. By reading this article you get the idea how to make your wifi connection more secure.

Top Best Wifi Hacking Apps For Android Mobile 2019



This one is the top app for android on playstore currently as its title says you can only hack the wps enabled wifi connections this app will show you a green icon on all wps enabled connections like in the image below


First, make sure your mobile is rooted And  busybox Installed on your android mobile otherwise this app won’t work although this app will notify you about the required apps on the first installation

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To crack or hack the wifi password you need to click on the green icon of any wifi connection listed on wps wpa tester app.

Then you will see 3 options to crack wifi password 1. MANUAL PIN 2. Custom Pin 3. Connect Automatic Pin

Manual Pin = You can choose pin from the wps wpa tester app list which is 3 pins only

Custom Pin= If you already know the pin for the router just put the custom pin and get the password

Connect Automatic Pin= it will automatically try all 3 pins and try to crack the password

just try to play with these options and you may get success to hack or crack the password.

Download link- Download Wps Wpa Wifi Tester From Here


AndroDumpper ( WPS Connect )


This application also does same targets the wps enabled devices only. one more interesting thing about this app that it has the feature to brute force wps pin on all target devices. so this app looks more powerful due to this feature.

this app can also show the filtered wps connection amongst all wifi connection type. also if you are on lollipop no need required to run this app but to show the hacked password root is required

To operate this app just follow the onscreen instruction and get the password

Download Link- Download AndroDumpper From Here

Here are some Screen Shots for this app

andro1 andro2 andro3


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