Free Best DNS Public Providers 2019



DNS stands for “Domain Name Server”. And require to resolve host from its ip address to domain name. for instance, if you type any site name like on your browser without dns server you cannot open you have to access the google from its ip address which Is really much harder we cannot remember site with their ip address. so, therefore, a dns does the job for us. but its more important that the dns server you are using is faster better and more reliable. so today we are going to show you some of best and fastest dns providers for the public. why public ??, bcz it’s not from your local isp. let’s start now

Top Free Public DNS Providers For Blazing Fast Browsing Speed:-

1. Google DNS

No introduction needed the word “Google” Says everything. they have the best servers on almost all over the world so that is why their dns servers Are best fast and more reliable. google do not block any sites. You are free to visit any site you want without any restriction.

DNS 1 –

DNS 2 –


Here comes the second best dns provider open dns is really popular they are expert in hosting dns server with custom rules. we can say their dns servers are much secure. they block lots of sites. Including some hacking, porn, malware sites

DNS 1 –

DNS 2 –

3. Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo is also the best dns provider they keep you away from harmful sites by blocking them if you are visiting them. so you can use comodo too for dns query.

DNS 1 –

DNS 2 –

4. Level 3 DNS

Level 3 have more public dns servers among all that means the query load will be less and browsing speed will be much better they have 6 dns nameservers check out below

DNS 1-

DNS 2 –

DNS 3 –

DNS 4 –

DNS 5 –

DNS 6 –

5. Norton DNS

We all know about norton secure all your computers and protect some web servers and payment gateways too. so norton could be the choice for you.

DNS 1 –

DNS 2 –

SO these are some big dns service but for me always to try to use dns server from your local isp providers due to fast ping response. you can check ping response with all above dns and with your local isp you local isp may win but for reliability, these dns are best. for more speed always use our local dns if you are on DHCP not need to do anything you are already using dns from your isp else you can double check by logging in to your router.


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