Configure D-link 2750u Wireless Router For Tikona Internet 100% Working (Firmware Update Method Solved)


Few Days Ago I Decided To Take Tikona Broadband For Home. So I called the tikona and apply for the plan and then got the sales visit from tikona

Every Thing Was Fine Installation Was Completed Sucessfully Now i asked the site engineer to configure my router and than suddenly he refused me he said i should buy tikona recommended router bla bla bla i request him lot but he told me to bring new router i would like to tell you all that i already ordered d-link 2750u wireless router from flipkart before applying for tikona it cost me Rs.2025

Now i was quite sad about it and googled it for solution and i found that there is only a one solution for it that using ethernet as a wireless access point so it could work easily

but now the problem was that i cannot see any thing in router regarding using ethernet cable as a wan port but finally i got to know that after upgrading my firmware to latest version done the magic suddenly after upgrading my router firmware everything worked fine

now i can easily use my tikona net via this router here i m providing link to download firmware for d-link 2750u n300 router

**WARNING**:–Don’t Upgrade Your Firmware Via WIFI Use Ethernet Cable To Upgrade Firmware

After downloading and upgrading your firmware you need to watch this video and do as describe as in the video at the end your problem will be fixed



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