Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Mobiles



Root is the key to unlock the world of customization. root access for your mobile can help you to access almost everything in the android system. that is why rooting is a very powerful thing to do with your mobile. and today in this article I am going to mention some of the best and very useful android apps for your rooted mobile which you can’t imagine it that how interesting to have a rooted phone. just if your phone is rooted you may easily take advantage of these apps which are made for rooted phones only.

Top Best Root Apps For Rooted Phones In Android

#1. Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is very popular android apps for rooted mobiles. lucky patcher helps you to purchase android apps subscription for free without paying a single cent to the app. it actually spoof the app to fool the app to think that it has received the payment for subscription and app allocate/extend the premium service for you. but lucky patcher is a bit tricky to set up you need to setup Xposed module on your mobile first. you can google for how to use lucky patcher

#2. Blackmart

Another great app a very useful and popular application for those who don’t have money to buy paid apps from google play store. black art have its own app store to browse millions of free paid apps which required money on google play store. so this app is very handy for advance users who wants many advance apps from google play store. blackmart can give you google play paid apps for free. for almost all apps which do not check and verify license online.there are very less apps which do this.

#3. Xposed Framework

Xposed framework is the backbone for many rooted apps which requires xposed framework to work properly such as greenfy,luckypatcher,xprivacy and many more. there lots of apps available for xposed framework which can boost enhance and customize your android mobile to the next level. it is indeed a must have android app for rooted mobiles

#4. Titanium Backup

As the name suggest titanium backup is the advance backup application for your android mobile. it can backup your whole app with app user data yeh you hear right it can backup all your android apps with its user data. very handy apps for gamers who wants to keep their backup for game levels/stage. also useful for apps like google authenticator which can save your life in case of phone reset and phone lost

#5. Finger Replayer (Paid App)

Finger replayer is the advance app to execute repeatative task with user define condition. it can add more sensible repeat steps with matching screenshots for the particular action. that is why it is more accurate for repeating also have advance feature such as if condition which only execute the action if the last condition matched. isn’t this app amazing ? yes indeed.

#6. SDFix

Sdfix app can fix mostly common issues with your external sd card. like you cannot copy or write something to your sd card without knowing the reason. so in this case sdfix app can fix your problem. there is nothing special knowledge required to use sdfix just install the app and tick the marks and just reboot for changes

#7. Link2SD

A great live saver app. mainly for gamers which cannot move .obb files from phone storage to sd card as because on some phones android demands the game files to be in the phone storage. so by using link2sd app you can link your sd card to phone storage and let the phone think that you are actually using the phone storage.

#8. Flashify

Flashify is really a wonderful app for every users who wants to take backup of stock recovery and kernel. it can easily flash any custom recovery without actually unlocking your phone’s bootloader. so that is the great thing with flashify that no need to unlock the oem. just give root apps and you can try custom revoery and kernels for your phone with just one click

#9. AdBlock Plus

Adblock plus is another powerful app to block ads on any android app this works as central control system that means it will block ads for every android app no matter if other apps contains its own function to enable disable ads. adblock plus will block ads for all android apps.

#10. System App Remover

system app remover app can kick off bloatware from your stock rom which comes pre-installed on your phone and cannot be remove due to installed as a default system apps. beware with this tool you can remove every system app with this app so do not remove any default app which requires android system to work properly. only remove those apps which you know cannot harm your system even if you install them.

#11. Battery Doctor

battery doctor is very popular android app to save your battery extremely fine. but with root access you can make your battery more productive. with root access battery doctor can save your battery performance up to many times. by giving root permission to battery doctor you can block any android app which starts automatically on boot time or without need. it can also control your cpu frequency when your phone screen is locked.

#12. ES File Explorer File Manager

es file explorer is an file manager app which can be use as alternative file manager for your mobile. with root access you can access the system storage hidden files and folders and you can even edit them such as build.prop file. which used to tweak and boost system settings

#13. X-privacy

xprivacy is privacy manager app for your android mobile this mobile works with xposed frame work installed and xposed module enabled. this is the most advance app to protect your privacy for any android app. xprivacy app can allow deny specific permission for any app. for instance if you wants to block any app to read phone info such as phone model number or serial numbers you can do this with xprivacy. there are hundred of things you can do with xprivacy to extremely protect your privacy within the android system.


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